Silicon Dioxide (Silica)

PremaSol CS Colloidal Silica Slurry

PremaSol CS colloidal silica suspension contains spherical silica particles with an average size of 25nm, 50nm or 80nm and held in a suspension with a pH range of 9-11 that is formulated to resist drying. In the event that PremaSol CS is left for a long period to dry on a work piece or polishing cloth, it will dry soft and so reduce the possibility of the scratching otherwise associated with standard colloidal silica re-crystallization.

Available in abrasive particle sizes 25nm, 50nm and 80nm.

Available container sizes 1 liter (32oz), 3.78 liters (1 gallon), 19 liters (5 gallons) and 55 gallons.

Applications: Chemical – Mechanical Planarization (CMP) of sapphire wafers, silicon wafers, gallium nitride, quartz, ceramics, metallographic specimens.

PremaSol CSA Colloidal Silica/Alumina Slurry

Silica / Alumina suspension mix of 0.05µm (50nm) abrasive particles held in a pH 8.5 suspension. The unique blend increases polishing rate and finish when compared to regular colloidal silica solutions.

Available container sizes 1 liter (32oz), 3.78 liters (1 gallon),19 liters ( 5 gallons) and 55 gallons.

Applications: Metallographic specimen preparation and metal matrix composites.