Advanced Abrasives has various products for mounting devices, wafers, workpieces, and samples. For the temporary mounting of semiconductor wafers for dicing or grinding and for temporarily mounting electronic devices, ceramics, crystals, ferrites, optical lenses, and gemstones for grinding, lapping, polishing, or other machining operations, we offer Blanchard Wax and Quartz sticky wax.

Crystallized Wax for the Mounting of Semiconductor Wafers for Dicing and Grinding

Our crystallized wax is composed of highquality materials that have been specifically crafted to optimize performance and enhance productivity. Its unique properties provide added stability and rigidity to the semiconductor wafer, ensuring minimal vibrations during processes such as dicing, grinding, and polishing. This advanced crystallized wax is available in a range of formulations, including 7/8 inch diameter by 7inch long glassine line tubes or in 31/2 inch or 7-inch cast bars. Our industry experts can work with you to determine the perfect crystallized wax formulation for your specific application needs.

Crystallized Wax for Temporarily Mounting Electronic Devices, Ceramics, Crystals Ferrites, and Gemstones

In addition to our extensive selection of abrasive solutions, we are proud to offer an innovative and highly effective Crystallized Wax product for temporarily mounting electronic devices, ceramics, crystals, ferrites, and gemstones. Our Crystallized Wax provides unparalleled adhesion, stability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for various applications in industries such as electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and jewelry making.

One of the key benefits of our Crystallized Wax is its exceptional holding force. This waxbased material solidifies to form a highly stable bond with the object being mounted, ensuring it stays securely in place during even the most demanding processes. This level of adhesion is crucial for ensuring accurate and consistent results in manufacturing and research applications. In addition to its strong adhesive properties and ease of use, our Crystallized Wax is also highly resistant to heat and shock. This makes it an effective solution for mounting sensitive components vulnerable to damage from extreme temperatures or mechanical stress.

Quartz Sticky Wax for Mounting of Semiconductor Wafers for Dicing and Grinding

When it comes to dicing and grinding semiconductor wafers, proper mounting is crucial to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the process. Advanced Abrasives Corporation is proud to offer a solution to this fundamental problem with our Premamount Quartz Sticky Wax. Our Quartz Sticky Wax is a premium quality mounting wax that is specifically designed for use in the semiconductor industry. It offers exceptional adhesive properties and thermal stability, making it the perfect choice for mounting wafer substrates.

The formulation consists of a unique blend of natural and synthetic waxes combined with a high-purity quartz filler. This creates a superior adhesive with excellent thermal properties and long-term stability, ensuring maximum accuracy and repeatability during the dicing and grinding process. It comes in sizes of 1 lb. box, lumps, 1 lb. box, sticks, a Box of 18 sticks, and in 2 oz. Tins, slab form, perfect for various needs. Learn more about quartz sticky wax with Advanced Abrasives.

Quartz Sticky Wax for Temporarily Mounting Electronic Devices, Ceramics, Crystals Ferrites, and Gemstones

Our Quartz Sticky Wax is a versatile and reliable adhesive material that can be used for a variety of applications in the electronics, optics, and jewelry industries. Its unique composition allows it to securely hold delicate and irregularly shaped objects in place, preventing them from slipping or sliding during processing.

One of the key advantages of Quartz Sticky Wax is its fast flow and ability to maintain consistent holding strength, even after multiple uses. It can be easily removed without leaving any residue, making it ideal for delicate and sensitive materials and jobs requiring extended working time.

This product is also flexible and easy to manipulate, making it an excellent choice for intricate assembly work. Its superior holding strength ensures that parts stay in place, even during high-speed processing, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced scrap.

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Advanced Abrasives Corporation is proud to offer a diverse range of abrasive products, including crystallized wax and quartz sticky wax, for mounting semiconductor wafers and other devices. Our commitment to producing only the highest quality products has earned us a
reputation as a leading supplier in the industry.

Our crystallized wax and quartz sticky wax have been specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion and stability during the slicing, polishing, or lapping process. With consistent particle size and high purity, our products are designed to ensure accurate and reliable results. Contact us to learn more about our two mounting solutions, and get yours today.