Lapping Pitch

Made in Switzerland from wood resin with low contaminant levels, Gugolz® lapping/polishing pitch is recognized worldwide as a premium product in the precision optics industry. Available in five different grades, each with a discrete set of softening and melting points. These grades can be combined by the user to achieve custom softening/melt characteristics specific to the application. Available in 1kg (2.2 lb.) tubs.

Lapping Pitch Grades

Gugolz® Lapping Pitch, renowned for its quality and consistency, is available in a variety of grades to suit different applications.

  • Gugolz® Lapping Pitch Grade 55: The softest grade available, it’s ideally suited for polishing delicate materials, such as crystals and fiber optics. It’s also used in processes requiring a high degree of conformity to the workpiece.
  • Gugolz® Lapping Pitch Grade 64: This intermediate grade is typically used for general-purpose lapping and polishing tasks. It offers a good balance between hardness and softness, making it versatile for various applications.
  • Gugolz® Lapping Pitch Grade 73: A harder grade, it’s perfect for the precision lapping of harder materials and surfaces, such as glass and ceramic. It provides an excellent surface finish without causing any deformation.
  • Gugolz® Lapping Pitch Grade 80: Grade 80 of the Gugolz® product is ideal for ultra-precision lapping and grinding of very hard materials where minimal material removal and high-quality surface finishes are required.
  • Gugolz® Lapping Pitch Grade 84: The hardest grade in the lineup, this is used in extremely precise and demanding applications, such as the final stages of optical lens lapping and other high-precision operations.

Why Choose Gugolz® Lapping Pitch?

Gugolz® Lapping Pitch is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and consistency. Manufactured in Switzerland with rigorous attention to detail, it meets the highest industry standards, ensuring you get a superior product that delivers outstanding performance every time.

Gugolz® offers a comprehensive selection of lapping pitch grades, from soft (Grade 55) to hard (Grade 84). This wide array of options ensures that no matter what your specific application is, Gugolz® Lapping Pitch is versatile and suitable for various industries and applications. From optics and electronics to automotive and aerospace, professionals trust Gugolz® for their precision lapping and polishing needs.

The lapping pitch is also designed for user-friendly operation. It’s easy to apply, adheres well to the polishing tool, and can be smoothly removed without leaving residue. This ease of use enhances your operational efficiency and productivity.

Let Quality Lapping Pitch Lead the Way

Investing in high-quality lapping pitch like Gugolz® can significantly enhance your precision lapping and polishing processes. A superior-grade lapping pitch ensures consistent, uniform material removal and a flawless surface finish. It helps reduce the risk of scratches and other surface defects that can compromise the performance of your components. Additionally, high-quality lapping pitch adheres perfectly to the lapping plate, preventing slippage and ensuring accurate results. It’s also easy to clean up after use, saving you valuable time and effort.

Elevate Your Lapping and Polishing with Gugolz®

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your lapping and polishing needs. With Advanced Abrasives, you can find the ideal quantity and grade of Gugolz® Lapping Pitch, a product synonymous with quality, versatility, and efficiency. Experience the exceptional performance and ease of use that Gugolz® offers. It’s time to elevate your processes and deliver results that truly shine. Contact Advanced Abrasives today to learn more about Gugolz® Lapping Pitch and other lapping/polishing products, such as our lapping film, polishing pads, and more.