Quartz Sticky Wax

Premamount Quartz sticky wax is used in linking stone models prior to articulation, holding crystals or other materials while they are being sliced, lapped or polished. Moderate hardness and strength make it useful for bonding small samples in diamond wheel sawing and wire sawing operations. Widely used for holding semiconductors, optical materials, ceramics and metals with medium to large contact areas, fastening bridges and clasps prior to investing and wherever work surfaces must be joined temporarily without changing their contours.

Premamount Quartz Sticky wax offers:

  • Strong adhesive properties (excellent for acrylics)
  • Fast flow
  • Extended working time

Color: Orange/Brown

Available Package Sizes:

  • 1 lb. box, lumps
  • 1 lb. box, sticks
  • Slabs and Lumps Sold by the pound.