Lapping/Polishing Abrasives

Silicon carbide and alumina powders are the mainstay for many lapping applications to achieve the desired finish cost effectively. Advanced Abrasives provides an extensive selection of these abrasives as detailed under conventional abrasives in our PremaLox line abrasive powders. For the lapping of harder materials and where cost is less of an issue, then our PremaLox brand of boron carbide may be considered.

In applications in which a polished surface is required following the lapping operation, then our PremaLox line of high purity deagglomerated alumina powders and PremaSol alumina suspensions are ideal for most applications.

For the precision polishing of optical glass items we offer our PremaLox Cer-Preme line of quality cerium oxide powder blends and CerPreme slurries.

In applications that demand a chemical-mechanical polishing approach (CMP) following the lapping process, then our PremaSol CS colloidal silica suspension is ideal with its soft drying characteristic.