Sample Preparation

For product development, production quality control, product failure investigation, or material identification, samples often need to be cross-sectioned and then prepared for examination under the light optical microscope. For engineering materials and electronic devices, the sample preparation process falls within the field of metallography – sometimes referred to as “materialography” since many modern engineering materials are non-metals. In the case of rock and concrete samples, the preparation of sections falls within the field of petrography. In either case, successively finer grinding and polishing steps are used to achieve properly polished sections for study under the light microscope. Advanced Abrasives provides cost-effective grinding and polishing products for these steps.

Abrasive Products for Sample Preparation in Metallography

Silicon carbide grinding papers are commonly used in metallography to prepare samples by grinding them down to a smooth and even surface. Our papers are made from ultra-fine particles of silicon carbide, which provides a highly abrasive surface that ensures efficient grinding. They are also available in a range of grit sizes, allowing for precision grinding to achieve the desired surface finish.

We provide oxide polishing compounds that use aluminum oxide or chromium oxide to polish metallographic samples. These abrasive tools provide a smooth surface finish and are generally safe to use. Different abrasive grit sizes are used, and the selection depends on the type of metal or alloy being polished. Utilize our oxide polishing for materials that react poorly with diamond or silicon carbide abrasive compounds.

Our diamond suspensions/compounds/extender particles are harder than silicon carbide, which makes them desirable for removing hard metals and alloys. Diamond suspensions/compounds/extender particles come in different grades, and their particle sizes are carefully chosen for optimal results. Additionally, we offer polishing clothes/pads that help to achieve the desired surface finish during sample preparation. These cloths and pads are available in a range of materials and textures, allowing for accurate polishing and finishing of samples.

Abrasive Products for Sample Preparation in Petrography

Silicon carbide grinding papers are one of the most commonly used abrasives in petrography. They are available in different grit sizes, and the choice of paper depends on the type of sample being prepared and the desired finish. Advanced Abrasives’ silicon carbide papers provide premium high-cutting ability, making them ideal for grinding hard materials like rocks and minerals.

Diamond suspensions/compounds/extenders are another valuable product for sample preparation. They are commonly used in petrography to polish and refine samples, producing high-quality and detailed images. Diamond suspensions are made up of micro-sized diamond particles added to a liquid base, while diamond compounds contain larger diamond particles embedded in a paste. Diamond extenders are used to dilute the concentration of diamond in the suspension or compound, making them more appropriate for finer polishing.

Oxide polishing is another popular method for sample preparation in petrography. This technique uses aluminum oxide powder mixed with water or oil to create a polishing slurry. The abrasive nature of the aluminum oxide allows for the efficient removal of surface material, resulting in a smooth and polished surface. Oxide polishing with our products is particularly effective in producing sharp images of mineral grains and structures.

Our polishing cloths and pads are also used to assist in creating a perfectly polished surface. They are available in 8, 10, and 12-inch sizes and different materials, including microfiber, felt, and polyester. Depending on the type of sample and finish desired, polishing cloths and pads may be used with various polishing agents.

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