Metallographic Preparation

Achieving properly polished metallographic specimens free of polishing artifacts requires consistent quality grinding and polishing consumables.

Advanced Abrasives Corp provides such consumables at very competitive pricing, with a selection of silicon carbide grinding papers for coarse and fine grinding, polishing cloths, diamond pastes and suspensions for coarse and fine polishing, plus a selection of mounting waxes and oxide powders and suspensions for finish polishing.

Maximize Your Metallographic Workflow with Our Silicon Carbide Grinding Papers

Proper preparation of metallographic specimens is a crucial and indispensable step in accurately determining the microstructure of a material. This process typically involves sectioning, mounting, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, etching, and meticulous microscopic examination. Advanced Abrasives offers a line of silicon carbide grinding papers that can achieve just that.

Our silicon carbide grinding papers for metallographic preparation are available in a range of grit sizes, ensuring that you can find the right abrasive for your specific application. Our papers offer topnotch performance and reliable results, from coarse grits for initial material removal to fine grits for final polishing.

What sets Advanced Abrasives Corporation apart is our commitment to quality and consistency. Our silicon carbide grinding papers have a uniform thickness and controlled porosity, ensuring that each paper performs consistently and delivers accurate results every time. Additionally, our products are designed to be clogresistant, reducing the need for frequent paper changes and increasing overall efficiency in your lab.

Diamond Suspensions/Compounds/Extenders for Metallographic Preparation

Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers a comprehensive range of premiumquality diamond suspensions, compounds, and extenders for metallographic preparation, suitable for both rough and fine grinding applications. Our products are designed to deliver consistent, reproducible, and superior results, ensuring that materials are prepared to the highest standards for microscope analysis.

Our diamond suspensions are specially formulated to provide precise surface finishing and polishing for various metals, ceramics, and composites. They are available in different concentrations of diamond particles and varying viscosities, enabling finetuning of the grinding and polishing process to suit your specific requirements.

Our diamond compounds are ideal for rough grinding, stock removal, and prepolishing of hard and difficulttomachine materials. They reduce processing times with exceptional cutting and polishing efficiency while delivering superior surface quality.

Our diamond extenders complement our other diamond products by offering costeffective solutions for diluting and extending the life of diamond suspensions and compounds. They provide a consistent and uniform abrasive flow, ensuring optimal results for extended periods while reducing overall processing costs.

Contact Advanced Abrasives today to learn more about our premium line of diamond suspensions/compounds/extenders and how these products support metallographic preparation needs.

Oxide Polishing for Metallographic Preparation

Advanced Abrasives Corporation proudly offers its customers the latest and most advanced oxide polishing solutions for metallographic sample preparation. When diamond polishing isn’t enough to achieve publicationquality micrographs, our oxide polishing products come into play. These tools are specially designed to produce superior surface finishes on metallographic samples while maintaining their structural integrity and minimizing deformation.

Oxide polishing is a critical step in metallographic sample preparation that involves removing surface scratches and blemishes to expose a flat surface for analysis under a microscope. By reducing surface roughness, oxide polishing makes it easier to identify microstructural features such as grain boundaries, inclusions, and porosity, which are crucial for understanding the properties and behavior of metallic materials.

Our oxide polishing powders come in various particle sizes, ranging from 0.025μm to 1.0μm, which allows users to control the surface roughness and achieve the desired surface finish. Our oxide polishing powders and suspensions include highpurity deagglomerated alumina powder and high-purity de-agglomerated alumina suspensions to collodia silica suspension, on the other end of the spectrum.

Polishing Cloths and Pads for Metallographic Preparation

Advanced Abrasives’ selfadhesive (PSA) polishing cloths/pads and plainbacked polishing cloths are manufactured with highquality materials such as wool fabric, woven silk cloth, synthetic cloth, and more. These materials are carefully selected to ensure that our products provide consistent and repeatable results for those requiring metallographic preparation products. Both our selfadhesive polishing cloths/pads and plainbacked polishing cloths come in 8″, 10″, and 12″ versions and are perfect for intermediate polishing, finish polishing, and a wide variety of metals.

Our polishing cloths and pads have excellent durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of metallographic preparation and can be reused many times. Learn more about our polishing cloths and pads for metallographic preparation by reaching out to Advanced Abrasives.