cBNP Cubic Boron Nitride Powder

cBNP Cubic Boron Nitride Powder

cBNP is the clear winner when machining ferrous materials. While it is second only to diamond in hardness, it has superior thermal and chemical stability making it ideal for high temperature applications.

Our cBNP cubic nitride powder is supplied both for abrasive applications and for sintering applications. In sintering the powder is used to produce PcBN polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutting tools. For abrasive applications the powder is supplied as is, or in one of our carrier mediums for lapping and polishing applications.

cBNP powder is available in multiple abrasive size offerings from 0.1µm through to 80µm.


  • Standard particle size distribution
  • Irregular with Blocky Shapes
  • Oversize monitored
  • No gross contamination
  • Used for high temp grinding/polishing of ferrous materials