cBNP Cubic Boron Nitride Powder

cBNP is the clear winner when machining ferrous materials. While it is second only to diamond in hardness, it has superior thermal and chemical stability, making it ideal for high-temperature applications.

Our cBNP cubic nitride powder is supplied both for abrasive applications and for sintering applications. In sintering, the powder is used to produce PcBN polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutting tools. For abrasive applications, the powder is supplied as is or in one of our carrier mediums for lapping and polishing applications.

cBNP powder is available in multiple abrasive size offerings from 0.1µm through to 80µm.


  • Standard particle size distribution
  • Irregular with Blocky Shapes
  • Oversize monitored
  • No gross contamination
  • Used for high temp grinding/polishing of ferrous materials

Cubic Boron Nitride Powder for Polishing of Ferrous Materials

Polishing ferrous materials — such as iron, steel, and their alloys — requires an abrasive that is both effective and gentle, ensuring a high-quality finish without causing damage. This is where Cubic Boron Nitride Powder (cBNP) from Advanced Abrasives shines.

cBNP is second only to diamond in terms of hardness, making it a highly efficient abrasive. However, cBNP does not chemically interact with ferrous materials. This makes it an excellent choice for polishing these materials, as it reduces the risk of unwanted chemical reactions that could affect the final finish.

Our cBNP is carefully produced to provide optimal performance in polishing applications. We ensure a standard particle size distribution, which translates to a consistent and smooth polishing action. This consistency ensures an even, high-quality finish across the entire surface of the material.

In addition to providing a superior finish, cBNP also offers excellent thermal stability and durability. It can withstand high temperatures without losing its effectiveness, making it suitable for high-speed polishing processes. Furthermore, its durability means that it retains its polishing properties over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus lowering overall process costs.

The Role of cBNP in Sintering Processes

Sintering, a process of compacting and forming solid materials using heat without melting them to the point of liquefaction, is widely applied across various industries. For many applications, especially those involving ferrous materials, Cubic Boron Nitride Powder (cBNP) can play an instrumental role.

cBNP is renowned by many industries for its exceptional properties, such as high wear resistance, thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, and remarkable mechanical properties. These properties make it an ideal candidate for sintering processes where conditions can be aggressive.

In high-pressure synthesis processes, cBNP has been used successfully to produce tungsten carbide–cubic boron nitride composites. The sintering temperature, cBNP content, and particle size can significantly influence the final product’s properties. By manipulating these parameters, manufacturers can optimize the performance characteristics of the sintered products.

A notable feature of cBNP is its transformation behavior under certain sintering conditions. Although cBNP is metastable under typical pressure conditions and can convert into hexagonal BN (hBN), this transformation can be controlled to enhance the sintering process. For example, during the low-temperature sintering process, cBNP particles incorporated into hBN flake powders transform into BN nano-onions, which contribute to the formation of high-strength bulk boron nitride.

Moreover, cBNP allows for the preparation of superhard structures. Using submicron cBNP as a starting material, polycrystalline cBN samples can be sintered to create superhard materials. This capability is highly beneficial in industries like tool manufacturing, where superhard materials can significantly enhance tool performance and longevity.

Industries Benefiting from cBNP Applications

Cubic Boron Nitride Powder (cBNP) is a versatile material with applications in various industries due to the adaptable and unique properties we mentioned above. Here are some key sectors benefiting from the use of cBNP:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Ceramics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Aerospace Industry

Work With Advanced Abrasives and Learn More About Our Cubic Boron Nitride Powder

Our cBNP is designed to deliver superior results across a wide range of applications, from polishing and sintering to creating superhard structures.

In industries where precision, durability, and performance are non-negotiable, our cBNP offers a solution that is both effective and cost-efficient. At Advanced Abrasives, we are committed to providing products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today for more information and explore how our Cubic Boron Nitride Powder can elevate your business to new heights of success, or get your hands on our premium sintering feedstock or custom tailored powders.