Custom Tailored Powders

Custom Tailored Superabrasive Powder Solutions

Advanced Abrasives Corporation consults directly with you to design and manufacture custom-tailored superabrasive powder solutions to meet your exact application requirements.

As an independently owned and operated micronizer of superabrasive powder products, our unique advantage is that we control the crystal type, crystal shape, crystal cleanliness and size distribution from start to finish. We have designed and developed unique milling technologies which allow us to tailor shape a product to a customer’s specific needs regarding bond retention and/or cutting, polishing or grinding properties. We have developed proprietary methods of applying nano-size diamond crystallites to micron size diamond particles for special applications. The cleaning process employed is superior to those used for many superabrasive products from other suppliers, ensuring the best possible cleanliness of diamond powder from Advanced Abrasives Corporation.

Every carat is put through a stringent cleaning process developed around our customers’ requirements. High surface purity is a must for many of our customers’ high end value products because of the enhanced bond characteristics it produces. We can develop and supply coated, compounded or stratified blends unique to your applications need. With competitive pricing, and millions of carats in stock, Advanced Abrasives is an excellent choice to partner for your company. No order is too large or too small and private labeling is always an option.

Let us work with your Applications Engineers or R&D Department to develop next-generation products that will help put your products ahead of the competition. Call us with your request and we will tailor a product and process that is custom made for your application.

Our Nano Diamond Coated Micron Powder line provides a product that greatly enhances the subsequent polycrystalline network by increasing diamond-to-diamond bonding during the pressing / sintering process. The proprietary coating process deposits a uniform layer of nanometer size diamonds on each individual particle of the primary diamond product. Our micron line of diamond powders can be uniformly coated with nano diamond in sizes ranging from 100 nm all the way down to 25 nm. The nanometer size diamond is made from the parent crystal of the base material so we are able to retain the original high level purity. Our process coats only the particle thereby reducing the amount of free nanometer diamond that could potentially result in a non-homogeneous blend of diamond/catalyst. New coatings are being developed on a continuous basis such as high purity, nano-size catalyst coatings and we will be pleased to discuss developing a coating specific to your application needs.