Electronics & Photonics

Products from Advanced Abrasives Corporation are used in a variety of electronics/photonics applications. From the mounting and precision grinding /polishing of devices to a specific location for failure analysis, to the production lapping and polishing of wafers. Our specialty is the manufacture and supply of high quality superabrasive powders, slurries and suspensions, supplemented with an extensive line of conventional abrasive powders and suspensions. For manufacturing process applications, we can provide customized; size distributions, particle morphologies, abrasive concentrations and carrier formulations dialed in to the requirements of the manufacturing process for optimal results.

Complementing our superabrasive and conventional abrasive products for electronics and photonics polishing applications, we also offer an extensive line of lapping films and polishing cloths as well as mounting wax for the reliable temporary fixturing of wafers, devices and samples.