about us

Advanced Abrasives Corporation

Advanced Abrasives provides a broad product portfolio that includes superabrasives, conventional abrasives and related product categories. From our superabrasive category we provide wet and dry diamond powders, compounds and slurries as well as cubic boron nitride powders slurries and compounds. These superabrasives are micronized and processed using a variety of methods including our proprietary “Mesh to Micron” process to satisfy a diverse range of applications worldwide. All products, including our extensive line of conventional abrasives are manufactured under a controlled and documented manufacturing system.

We continuously monitor global applications needs and technological advances for superabrasives in materials removal as well as novel tribology applications. This allows us to develop superabrasive strategies and product solutions to stay ahead of the curve for our customer’s next generation products and applications.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with state-of-the-art superabrasive and related products. We are inspired by the highest principles of integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability in all of our endeavors and decisions; and work with our customers to achieve superior quality products in a timely, cost effective manner while in a controlled environment. Our results-driven service philosophy and unsurpassed attention to detail amount to world-class industry-leading solutions to help our customers.

Our Mesh to Micron Process

Advanced Abrasives Corporation micronizes a majority of our superabrasive products from the initial mesh feed all the way through to the finished product using our proprietary “Mesh to Micron” process. This ensures total control in every step of the process and the possibility of controlling key product attributes to the exact requirements of the customer application. Our Mesh to Micron materials go through many processing and quality assurance steps before becoming an Advanced Abrasives finished product.