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The world of technology is rapidly changing, and that includes abrasive suppliers. Leading the charge is Advanced Abrasives Corporation, a leader in superabrasive, conventional abrasive, and related product segments. Priding ourselves on being a leading abrasive processor, we have some of the more essential and niche products for various applications worldwide. Each of our products is developed in a controlled processing system, and we continually monitor the effectiveness of our products to create some of the more high-quality products for consumers present and future.

Take a look at some of our more popular abrasives and particles below:

The key to our abrasive processing accuracy is our mesh-to-micron process, which ensures we have total control over the condition of all processes. In addition, we follow a collection of detailed processing and quality assurance checklists before approving the finished product.

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Uni-Pol Diamond Polishing — Abrasive Products For Precision Optics

Uni-Pol is our universal Water and Oil Soluble diamond polishing compound available in all of our diamond types and sizes.

The high-quality finish associated with an oil-based compound coupled with a simple clean-up process due to its water miscibility makes this product a favorite. For those engaged in polishing metal injection molds to SPI Grades A-3, A-2, and A-1 finishes in the plastics molding industry, the Uni-Pol Diamond Polishing compound is a trusted abrasive product in your repertoire. Additionally, our Uni-Pol universal based diamond extender is ideal for use as a lubricant with Uni-Pol diamond compound, further proof of the product’s effectiveness.

For additional information on Uni-Pol Diamond Compound, click here, or get in touch with our experienced abrasive team.

Who Are We?

At Advanced Abrasives Corporation, we are experts in superabrasive and conventional abrasive technology. Our team of abrasive suppliers has over 40 years of combined experience in the superabrasive industry. We’re also an abrasive processor that reaches global levels with representatives in the US, Europe, and Asia. We are focused on a results-driven service philosophy with unequaled attention to detail, producing world-class, industry-leading, cost-effective solutions for anyone looking for quality surface material for a wide range of industrial applications.

What We Do

Using various proprietary processing operations, we process a variety of carefully graded superabrasive and conventional abrasive powders, compounds, slurries, and suspensions to industry standard or customer-specific requirements. We supply these products for various applications across a wide range of industries, including processing diamond and cubic boron nitride cutting or grinding tools from our powders. We also specialize in the lapping, polishing, chemo-mechanical planarization, and super finishing of various materials using our powders, compounds, slurries, and suspensions.

Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers a premium line of superabrasive powders customized for high-pressure/high-temperature sintering applications in PCD and PcBN tool production.

The photo above is an example of a downhole drill bit with polycrystalline diamond cutter inserts (PDCs) used in the oil and gas exploration industry.

During high-pressure sintering, a percentage of material fractures and reveals new surfaces previously intrinsic to the crystal. If the material has high internal impurities, it will reveal itself at the surface as the crystals fracture. These impurities may result in inefficient sintering/bonding due to contaminant migration into the catalytic/solvent system or between the diamond-to-diamond interface. A low level of intrinsic impurities is essential in optimizing the sintering process. Advanced Abrasives selects premium feedstock crystals with the lowest level of intrinsic impurities currently available.

Proprietary milling techniques are used to reduce the size and shape of the material, ensuring consistent morphology with every batch of material.

Additionally, our cleaning process incorporates a proprietary chemical/mechanical cleansing technique. This enables us to reduce or eliminate unwanted organics/elements and control the topography of the crystal. As a result, surface characteristics can range from smooth to completely etched depending on customer requirements.

We use many different classification techniques for the sizing of our superabrasive product. Each method is monitored and controlled with strict statistical process control guidelines. We custom grade all products for sintering applications based on each customer’s unique abrasion/impact requirements, and we can provide compounded / stratified blends. Each step of the grading process is controlled and monitored. Advanced Abrasives Corporation uses 100% lot inspection to ensure consistency from batch to batch.

Final inspection consists of many measures to ensure the highest quality products possible. First, we monitor particle size distribution (PSD) using the, Microtrac S3500, Coulter Multisizer III, CPS Differential Sedimentation, SEM/TEM, or optical light microscope. After PSD analysis, the material goes through extensive ion reduction and surface purification processes. Finally, the resulting product is certified using Ion Chromatography, Inductively Coupled Plasma, and DC Arc instruments. Typical levels of the most critical ions/elements that can hinder the sintering process are held below 1ppm*.

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Abrasive Applications

Abrasives are used in domestic, industrial, and technological industries and can include bonded, coated, or superabrasives — products meant for superior levels of hardness and abrasion resistance for customers with the toughest jobs. We also provide products for some of these more common abrasive applications:

  • Diamond & CBN Tool Processing
  • Electronics & Photonics
  • Optical Polishing
  • Sample Preparation
  • Sintered Tool Processing
  • Superfinishing

Abrasive Products FAQs

Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is one of the most critical characteristics of our superabrasive products. The PSD affects the material removal rate, surface finish, and particle packing density. Advanced Abrasives incorporates many different techniques and instruments to measure and track distribution characteristics to ensure product consistency.

Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers a premium line of superabrasive powder products customized for high-pressure and high-temperature sintering applications for PCD and PcBN (polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) tool production. A low level of intrinsic impurities is essential in optimizing the sintering process. Therefore, Advanced Abrasives select premium feedstock crystals with the lowest level of intrinsic impurities currently available. Typical end products are PDC cutters, diamond wire blanks, and various polycrystalline cubic boron nitride machining tool inserts.

We design the most cost-effective solutions from the start using concurrent engineering! By working alongside your engineering team to determine the proper layer count, the proper construction, and the proper design rules, we can avoid costly mistakes and guarantee that your abrasive solutions work the first time, every time.

Advanced Abrasives Corporation caters to the lapping and polishing industry with a wide selection of quality products, including lapping films, lapping pitch, polishing pads, and a broad offering of abrasive powders and slurries from our superabrasive and conventional abrasive lines. Whether the application is the precision lapping and polishing of sizeable optical glass devices or the lapping in of metal and ceramic seals and mating surfaces, we have a cost-effective, quality consumable product to meet your needs and the know-how to advise on its best use.

Using concurrent engineering, we work alongside our clients to create next-generation abrasive solutions technology. Our team stays updated on industry trends, and we continuously challenge ourselves to develop the best-in-class solutions.