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Superabrasive Formulations

Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers the highest quality diamond and cubic boron nitride superabrasive formulations in the industry with a broad selection of tightly held micron particle sizes to choose from in our standard water based, oil based or universal based carrier mediums available in slurry, suspension or compound formats. These products are available in several package size choices and for high volume accounts, customized formulations and private labeling are always an option. Whether it is a standard product or a formulation tailored to your specific requirement, quality is assured with our continuous quality control checks and rigorous monitoring of the manufacturing process using state of the art equipment.

Slurries, Suspensions and Compounds

Our slurries have a very low viscosity for ease of application using dispensers and sprayers. Our suspensions are ideal when continuous stirring or shaking is not an option but homogeneous dispersion of diamond is required. For precise application or for use on inclined surfaces, our compounds are ideal.

Our three carrier base formulations:

  • Water Base - Our Aqua-Pol series. Formulated for ease of use in lapping and polishing systems where fast removal rates with high surface finishes are required. They are water soluble, so no harsh chemicals are needed for cleanup.
  • Oil Base - Our Petro-Pol series. Formulated for applications needing the highest quality of surface finish for which petroleum distillates are commonly used . Or for applications where water cannot be tolerated due to corrosion concerns.
  • Universal Base - Our Uni-Pol series. Formulated for compatibility with most petroleum distillate applications as well as water extender applications. They offer quick, easy cleanup without sacrificing the surface finish associated with oil based formulations.