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We have developed unique extenders and lubricants to complement our complete line of Slurries, Suspensions and Compounds.

Available Extenders & Lubricants

  • Petro-Pol Purple Lubricant / Extender - An oil soluble lubricant / extender with low viscosity, designed for use with all oil based compounds and slurries.
  • Uni-Pol Yellow Lubricant / Extender - A low viscosity water soluble oil lubricant /extender designed for use with our universal base compounds.
  • Aqua-Pol Green Lubricant / Extender - For use with all water soluble compounds and slurries.
  • Etha-Pol Blue Lubricant / Extender - An alcohol based lubricant / extender developed for water sensitive metallographic applications and for industrial applications in which oil or water cannot be tolerated.

Available in 250ml (8oz), 500ml (16oz), 3.78 liter (1 gallon) and 19 liter (5 gallon) containers.

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