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While the finish from diamond polishing to 3um or 1um is perfectly adequate for many metallurgical testing / quality assurance related applications, it may not be adequate for achieving publication quality micrographs. In these cases oxide polishing is required.

Advanced Abrasives Corp provides a selection of metallurgical quality, de-agglomerated alumina powders and suspension that are ideal for ferrous applications. Also offered is a high quality, soft drying, colloidal silica suspension that is ideal for non-ferrous applications. Providing the benefits of both colloidal silica and alumina is our mixed oxide suspension. For the polishing of soft metals and specimens containing glass, our cerium oxide slurry is particularly effective.

Oxide Polishing Powders and Suspensions
    Abrasive Particle Size
Material Product Name 3.0µm 1.0µm 0.5µm 0.3µm 0.08µm 0.05µm 0.025µm
High purity de-agglomerated
alumina powder

PremaLox DA
High purity de-agglomerated
alumina suspension

PremaSol A
High purity colloidal
alumina suspension
PremaSol CA          
Colloidal silica suspension PremaSol CS        
Mixed oxide
alumina/silica suspension
PremaSol CSA            
Cerium oxide slurry PremaSol 40

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