• Advanced Abrasives NanoDiamond Plating Additives

    We now offer a complete line of NanoDiamonds for enhanced Electroless Nickel and Hard Chrome Plating Applications. Find out more

  • Diamond Powder

    Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers the highest quality superabrasive powders in the industry. The manufacturing process is monitored with state of the art equipment and continuous quality control checks. Every powder is tailored to our customer's unique application or process. Sizes range from 25 nanometer up to and including the mesh region. Find out more

  • Diamond Suspensions & Compounds

    Advanced Abrasives offers a complete line of Slurry/Suspension, Compounds and Extenders. Innovative formulas and tight particle size distributions provide you products that will out-perform others while being one of the most price competitive in the market. Find out more

  • Precision Optical Polishing

    Specialist companies performing precision optical lapping and polishing operations choose Advanced Abrasives for their critical supplies to ensure a perfect finish. Find out more

  • High Quality Metallographic Preparation Demands High Quality Consumables

    Our line of high quality yet competitively priced metallographic preparation consumables from planar grinding through to final polish will help you ensure a perfect cost effective finish. Find out more

  • Down Hole Drill Bit with Sintered Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (PDC's)

    Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers a premium line of superabrasive powders customized for high pressure/high temperature sintering applications in PCD and PcBN tool production. Seen here is an example downhole drill bit with polycrystalline diamond cutter inserts (PDC's) as used in the oil and gas exploration industry. Find out more

Advanced Abrasives Corporation - Innovations in Superabrasive Technology

Welcome to the website of Advanced Abrasives Corporation, a leading U.S. based company delivering innovative superabrasive and related product solutions for material removal and tribological applications globally.

Who We Are

We are experts in superabrasive and conventional abrasive technology. Our expert team of micronizers has over 40 years of combined experience in the superabrasive industry. Our sales and marketing reach is global with representatives in the US, Europe and Asia. We are focused on a results-driven service philosophy with an unsurpassed attention to detail, producing world-class, industry-leading, cost effective solutions for our customers.

What We Do

Using various proprietary processing operations, we manufacture a variety of carefully graded superabrasive and conventional abrasive powders, compounds, slurries and suspensions to industry standard or customer specific requirements. We supply these products for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries including the manufacture of diamond and cubic boron nitride cutting / grinding tools from our powders. And the lapping, polishing, chemo - mechanical planarization and super finishing of a wide variety of materials using our powders, compounds, slurries and suspensions.

Featured Product - SiC Powders and Compounds

Our Black Silicon Carbide Powder and PremaSol Silicon Carbide Compounds are manufactured and water classified to exacting specifications to ensure a product that provides high cutting rates and a uniform finish. Both products are available in multiple abrasive grit sizes from as coarse as F80/100 to as fine as F1200. Typical applications include precision lapping and polishing, refinishing worn sealing faces and feed powder for wet or dry pressure blasting. Click here for additional information on our Silicon Carbide Powders and Compounds.